Top Hosting Companies to Consider

Over the past decade, a number of well-established companies have taken control of the web hosting industry on a large scale. Despite the fact that many smaller privately owned companies are starting on a monthly basis, these larger companies still prove itself the best. The one thing that allows the ‘big boys’ to succeed in the hosting business is the fact that they have a wide range of resources, such as datacenter controls, bandwidth resources, and hardware facilities. With the ability to handle such a large clientele, the top hosting companies will always be at the top.

About Bluehost

Bluehost is one of the most trusted web hosts who was considered as the recommended host in 2012. When Bluehost officially started in 1996, it began with hosting small businesses and personal sites, with small account limitations. Today, nearly fifteen years later, the company managed three facilities, including two of their own datacenters. As with many of the top hosting companies in the business, they offer unlimited and unmetered services on their most basic hosting plan. Bluehost offers customers an easy to use interface to manage your account. For just 5.95/month, you can get an account with tons of free perks and services.

Top Web Hosting Companies To Consider

iPage Web Host Introduction

iPage is offering a web hosting plan that always works with exclusive features. The absolute place for those is looking for an affordable web hosting plan with tons of added perks and benefits. starts at under five dollars a month with unlimited services with over four hundred dollars worth of added bonuses. Much of the bonuses are advertising credits and business listing opportunities, so this is a perfect hosting plan for small and medium-sized businesses. As with all hosts, your accounts are setup instantly and you can get your sites online with minutes of processing your payment.

About DreamHost Web Host

the company always introduces its latest Hosting Deals and offers to make its users stick to them. With such a vast number of resources, the company is easily able to provide everyone with an unmetered hosting account. The one thing that sets DreamHost apart from many of their competitors is their level of customer support. From many reviews and online recommendations, you will see that these guys have one of the top ratings for their customer support in the hosting business. Prices start at just 8.95/month for a full suite of hosting and business features.

About Hostgator

The HostGator Company has gained a lot of its customers and impressions from their widely popular hosting affiliate program. There was a time near the dot com boom when you would only see HostGator banners on all the webmaster related websites. Through their high payouts, the company earned tons of valued customers who are still hosted by them. Based out of Texas, HostGator offers a wide range of hosting services from shared to VPS hosting. Prices are quite competitive when compared with their leading competitors.

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