Tips to Get Hosting At Lowest Cost

The web hosting industry has become extremely competitive in the last five to six years, and as a result, many companies are offering amazing promotions. Throughout the year, you will be able to get extremely great offers from several of the big hosting companies in the hosting business. With experience, we can tell you that the best time to get a new hosting plan is the end of the year or the beginning of the year. During this period, many companies usually see a drop in new clients. The biggest reason is due to the holidays and that many people do not spend too much online after they have spent on holiday shopping. In an effort to lure in new clients, these hosting companies offer unbelievable deals on their plans.

Tips To Get Hosting At Low Cost

Holiday Promotions: With every major holiday, you’ll see companies offering special pricing. Starting from January, you have New Years, Easter, Canada Day, Independence Day, Labour Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Black Friday and Christmas. These are just some of the main holidays that come up during the year, but there are several other small ones. During a constant year-round marketing scheme, these hosting companies will always offer discount coupons on several hosting plans. These holiday promotions only last a year at that price and then you will be asked to pay the regular monthly/yearly fee.

Review Sites Coupon

Review Sites/Coupons: There are always new hosting coupons being distributed through review sites, webmaster forums and blogs. Some hosting companies work with large blog owners and try to distribute a number of discount coupons. These companies distribute the coupons knowing that it will pay off in the end, as someone will use it to sign up. Coupon sites will list these coupons in the hosting section and review sites will also provide them. A quick search online would give you some great sites to get hosting coupons from. Honestly, based on previous experiences, coupons don’t give a whole lot of discount, but it is quite reasonable.

A few hosting companies use JavaScript to show a pop-up whenever you try to leave their site without signing up for a hosting plan. This is actually a great way to rake up on some savings for your hosting plan. When you are trying to leave the page, the site automatically would give you a large discount. In one case, with Just Host, when you try to leave a second time even after checking out the first deal, it would give you a much larger discount percentage.

If you really would like to save on hosting charges, the best thing to do would be to opt for a cheap hosting plan based on your needs. If you only need 1GB of bandwidth per month, there is no need to opt for a larger plan. Many people spend more money on hosting services that they only use ten percent of. The good deals will never come at you, so you really need to invest the time to find the coupons/deals.

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