Softaculous – The All-in-One Auto-Installer for cPanel

The web hosting business has grown ten folds in the last decade and the main reason is due to the large demand for hosting services in the webmaster industry. The ability to purchase reseller hosting services has become so easy for the average person, which is another reason why there are so many competitors in the business. One feature that over ninety percent of hosting companies offer their clients is the infamous all-in-one script installer. The first auto installer was Fantastico which was considered to be a great asset for blog creators. Today, we have a new competitor that has been proven to be better in all aspects.

Softaculous Review

Softaculous is now preferred by many webmasters and hosting companies as it is better in terms of overall resource usage and script content. There are currently two hundred and sixty scripts in the Softaculous system and many more are underway. With the addition of Softaculous in many hosting companies; there have been significant increases in overall sales. This script simply takes the manual process of script installation and turns into a 1-2-3 click process. Anyone can install scripts on their site with easy to use Softaculous system. The system currently offers all of the most popular scripts in the industry, including the renowned WordPress platform. Installing a network of blogs across a number of domains would only take you a couple of minutes with Softaculous.

Softaculous web hosting review

The auto-installer is available for cPanel and Direct Admin web portals. The one thing that separates Softaculous from other brands of auto installers is that it is quicker, requires less space and installs in only one step. There are two basic versions of the Softaculous auto-installer available for customers; the free version and the premium version. The free version of Softaculous includes about sixty of the most used scripts, while the premium version includes the complete set of scripts. The PHP based scripts included with Softaculous are found in categories such as blogs, portals, forums, galleries, wikis, social networking, emails, gaming, billing, support and more. As a business, you would greatly benefit from what Softaculous has to offer you.

Softaculous A Perfect Site Builder

As a web hosting company, even the free version of the Softaculous platform would be incremental for your sales. Once you feel that the price of the premium version has paid off, you could opt for the full version of Softaculous. One thing many people consider when looking for hosting company is the ease at which they can create and maintain websites. If you offer your clients the ability to install popular web scripts with a click of the button; that would certainly put you over your competitors. If you have a VPS, you could still get the Softaculous Webuzo platform.

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