Should You Get a Dedicated Server?

When you look into purchasing web hosting for a single site or a group of sites, you have the option to choose from a wide range of products and services. In terms of hosting for sites, you could choose shared hosting, reseller hosting, master reseller hosting, VPS hosting or a dedicated server. These are more specific options to choose from, but these are the most common ones that people go for. If you are simply hosting a couple of small sites, a single shared hosting account would be sufficient. However, if you prefer having a single private server without other accounts affecting your site’s performance, you could choose a VPS.

However, for those looking for the next best thing after a virtual private server, a dedicated server is the right answer. With a dedicated server you will have a wide variety of options and abilities as you can install your own software on it. For large sites that can no longer be hosted on small hosting accounts, a dedicated server is certainly a must. Web hosting companies that give you shared hosting plans are always using dedicated servers to give you that service. Websites in the video hosting or file hosting business always use dedicated servers as they need the amount of bandwidth and space provided. In many cases, people who run hundreds of websites will try to opt for a cheap dedicated server, since it will help them better manage all their sites.

Shared hosting plans constantly impose limits on your accounts, such as CPU limits and space/bandwidth limits. In order to bypass these resource limits, you need something that can handle the load. Often times, some scripts have been known to use a large part of the resources on a server, so in this case; a dedicated server is a must. Along with added features, it is much more secure to be hosted on a single dedicated server as opposed to a shared hosting account, where hundreds of people access data. With shared accounts, hundreds of other users are accessing the same server from various parts of the world. If your website has private information stored in the backend, it is not safe for you or your users.

Growing sites will definitely need more resources as they continue to grow over time. When you hosting needs surpasses what your shared account could give you, your next option is to choose either a virtual private server or a dedicated server. The downside to getting your own dedicated server is the cost, as it is quite expensive. Whether you manage your own server or have the company manage it; it will certainly cost you much more than a shared hosting account. Before you consider getting your own dedicated server, think about the costs, benefits and risks involved in getting a contract with a hosting company. If you feel that you could go for a better deal with a VPS, you should surely consider it.

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