Knowing How to Choose a Web Host?

You’ve just finished off completing the work on your website and are ready to host it online for the public to see. To get your website online, you will need to get a hosting account with a web hosting company. If you have never purchased web hosting or are new to the online business, you should not worry, as this article will get you started in the right path. If you have already searched online for web hosting services, you might have noticed that there are a number of options and it can certainly be overwhelming to make the right decision. Depending on your needs, you may be looking for something specific to your taste. Regardless, the following are things you should really consider in your web host search.

Things to consider in web host search

Technical Support: The level of support you receive for your hosting account is very crucial for the success of your website. Hosting problems may arise at any time of the day, so you will need support services available at all hours of the day. Today, many hosting companies do offer 24/7 support through phone, email and live chat. Email support is certainly the slower alternative, so you should be keen on looking for phone support. Just to test out the waters, give them a call and ask about the various plans they offer. Based on this conversation, you may get an idea of how everything works with this company.

Space and Bandwidth: Bandwidth is simply the amount of data that one account uses for both uploads and downloads. If you are a website owner and you upload all your files to your website, it will still count towards your overall bandwidth usage. The same way, all the information that is downloaded or provided from your site to its users is counted towards the total download. Depending on your needs you will need to consider the amount of bandwidth you need. The amount of space provided on your account is the total that you can host. If you are running a small content site, this is not a big deal. However, if you are hosting a user-upload type of website, space is an important issue.

Server Reliability: In other words, this can be summed up as the total uptime guaranteed. Most web hosting companies tell you the exact uptime they offer based on their hosting reports. If the company does not specifically tell you what their uptime is, you can ask them directly and they will definitely tell you. There is not a single hosting company that can offer you a total uptime of 100%. The reason behind this is that servers always need to be maintained and for maintenance, the servers will go offline for a little bit of time. If the hosting company offers you 99.98% uptime, you should be fine.

Additionally, you will need to consider the prices of the hosting plan including any extra features and perks you may be getting. Some companies offer additional bonuses such as advertising credits, so you may want to look for a hosting company that offers it.

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