How Could CloudFlare Help Your Web Hosting Company

Even before we get into what CloudFlare is, you should know that it is not only for web hosting companies but for website owners as well. Websites are being built on a daily basis and tons of them are going online every month. All these websites are being hosted on special computers, referred to as servers. These servers are not always up to par, and in some cases, they may cause sites to load slower. It is not necessarily always the server’s fault that a site may be loading slowly, but the site itself. If the site has a ton of content or useless files to load, it may take longer. For those who aren’t aware, CloudFlare is a new service that powers websites from the backend to load faster and to stay secure.

How does CloudFlare work?

CloudFlare is a private network on its own, which is connected to the internet through a series of high-end servers. Once your website is connected to the CloudFlare network, all your website’s visitors will be routed through the specialized network before they are shown your website. The network is set to automatically trigger your web pages as soon as the network gets a hit from one of your visitors. This allows for much faster loading times, which in turn helps out your visitors. As with all services, your bandwidth and server resources may have certain caps put on them, so CloudFlare does have something to benefit you in this sense. All the unwanted crawlers, bots, and attackers deemed as spam are blocked in the network. This will essentially save you bandwidth and server resources. As a web hosting company, IT professionals are always concerned about server resources, so with the help of CloudFlare, these limits can be kept as is. Overall, by using CloudFlare, you will notice an increase in your website’s performance over time.

To join the CloudFlare network, you would need to change your name servers to the ones that they will assign to your domain when you sign up. Whenever a user points to your site, they will be connecting to the CloudFlare servers and then be routed to your site. However, without the CloudFlare network, all the users will be going to your site through one single pipe. As more connections are put through one single pipe, it will eventually slow down. With the CloudFlare system, each visitor, crawler or robot is sent through individual pipes and sent to your network the same way. As you can see, this would significantly benefit a site that receives a lot of traffic. More and more hosting companies are slowly getting their clients to use the CloudFlare network, as it benefits both sides. Since CloudFlare essentially gives you all your traffic, they have the ability to give you detailed reports on the traffic of your website. Overall, the CloudFlare system has been proven to work for thousands of customers worldwide, and best of all, it is all free!

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