Buying the Right Small Business Hosting Plan

We’re into 2019 and millions of people have turned to online websites to purchase products and services they need. It is estimated that nearly 1.3 trillion dollars are spent online by both consumers and businesses in purchasing products and services. With a small business, it is crucial that you have an online presence these days. If someone is looking up your business, they should at least be able to find something about your company. What is even better is if you have a small business site that you can call your own. Your website would allow you to take your small business around the world, with minimal costs. Imagine increasing your businesses traffic by over ten folds by simply taking it online!

In order to get started online, you will first need to hire a web designer and build a site for your business. You can easily find a freelancer who would be willing to work with you for a reasonable price. Some companies provide designing services, but their prices may be over the top. Once your website has been designed, the next step is to get it coded and launch it online. In order for the general public to see your site, you will need to buy a small business hosting plan. Any regular hosting plan would do just fine, but for a business, you may need some specific features. Regular hosting services don’t always provide everything you may need for your business site.

Do you know what hosting type you need?

Will you be selling products online? Will you be offering clients with a support panel? All these questions need to be answered so that you can buy the best fit hosting plan. Apart from the technical needs, there are hosting related needs such as space, bandwidth, email and support factors. The amount of space needed to host your site will depend on the total amount of files you will be hosting. Based on the traffic you will get, your bandwidth needs to be set as well. Most companies offer unlimited space and unmetered bandwidth, so this really shouldn’t be a problem for you. Additional features provided by your hosting company may be emails, FTP accounts, mailing lists, and database support.

As mentioned earlier, if you are going to be selling products online, you will need a billing portal with a secure checkout process. Depending on the script you will be using, it may require a merchant service. Business hosting accounts offer these types of services at no additional cost to the client. So, for the price of your hosting account, you can get a full suite of hosting services with business-related scripts and portals. I-Page hosting offers a great service for businesses looking to start a new hosting plan with them. When you sign up, you will be getting a full suite of security features and over four hundred dollars worth of advertising credits. In essence, you need to list the features you need and compare with what’s being offered by hosting companies.

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